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Developer mode

Enabling Developer Mode on your form allows you to turn on the ability to customize your field names on your form.

Customizing Field Names

The Customizing Field Names option allows you to edit a field's name separately from the field's label. This will allow you to reference your field in calculations by the name that you have chosen. This field name will also appear as the column header when you export your data to Excel from the Entries page.

For example, you may have a choice field with the label "Please tell us where you found us"; with developer mode enabled, you can set the internal name of the field to simply "Choice1". Now, the field will appear as "Choice1" in when writing calculations instead of the system generated name of "PleaseTellUsWhereYouFoundUs".

  • First, on your form's Build page, click Form Settings on the very bottom of your screen and turn on Developer Mode. 

  • Next, select the Customize Field Names? checkbox once the Developer Mode section expands.

  • Now, when you click on a field to view its settings, you will see Field Name in addition to Label. Edit the Field Name value to change your field's internal name. Field Name will automatically populate with the system generated name that is based on the Label that you have selected. Once you have customized the Field Name, it will no longer change based on changes to the field's Label.

  • Now, the field will appear with its new internal name when writing calculations:

Please note: Once you have customized a field's name, that will be the field's name going forward even if you turn Developer Mode off or if you uncheck the Customize Field Names? checkbox. If you want to go back to using the system generated internal field name, clear out the value in the Field Name textbox.


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