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Document Merge Pricing Updates

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 4:02:00 PM

Since we launched custom document merging last year, our team has been actively listening to your feedback regarding the feature's implementation. During this time, many of our customers have expressed some degree of confusion concerning the pricing structure for custom document templates, and we apologize that the pricing was not as straightforward as it should have been.

That being said, we're releasing some updates to hopefully simplify the pricing structure, and further clarify how your organization is charged for document templates.


This update includes a revamped pricing structure with no merge limits; instead, each live document template costs a flat fee of $4 per month. Organizations on the Enterprise plan receive 10 free templates, and are charged $4/template/month for any additional templates.

  Individual Pro Team Enterprise
Live Document Templates N/A $4/template/month $4/template/month 10 free templates + $4/template/month for additional templates


What are live templates?

The Manage Document Templates dialog now includes a billing mode for each custom document template. You can toggle between test mode and live mode:

  • Test: Custom templates set to Test mode will include a Cognito Forms watermark. Your organization will not be charged for test documents.
  • Live: Once you're finished building your document template, you can set it to Live mode in order to remove the watermark. You are charged at the beginning of the month per live template (including templates that were set to Live at any point during the past month, and then changed back to Test).


The Document Merge updates will take place over the next couple of months:

  • September: During the transition month of September, custom document merges will be free! Please take this time to review the billing mode for all of your custom templates.
  • October: Beginning in October, you will be charged per live template.
  • November: The new pricing for your October charges will appear for the first time on your November invoice.

You can review your document merge usage in the Plan section on your organization settings page.

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