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How do I prefill form data from another form?

Friday, July 22, 2016 11:52:00 AM

In Cognito Forms, you have the ability to prefill both embedded forms and public links, as well as prefill a form based on the data entered from a different form.

1. To begin, open your first form and go to Submission Settings in the builder. Under Confirmation Options, select Redirect Url.

2. Next, copy the public link of your second form (this is the one we'll be prefilling) and paste it into the first form's Redirect Url option. At the end of the Url, insert the "?entry" parameter, as well as some curly brackets.{}

3. In between the curly brackets, specify the fields you want to prefill. In this case, we're going to prefill the first and last names in a Name field. If you were prefilling a standalone form, the prefilled text would look something like this:{"Name":{"First":"John","Last":"Smith"}}

But instead of static values like "John" and "Smith", we need to insert field tokens that will transfer whatever name the user types in:

For a complete guide to the prefill syntax, check out these quick tips and tricks.

4. Now, when you fill out the Name field on the first form and press Submit, it automatically redirects to the second form with the information already filled in:


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