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Document Merging is a paid add-on feature available to organizations on our Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans. Each plan has a set number of free included merges, and organizations will be charged for each merge that exceeds that number:





Included Custom Merges Unlimited* 5 / month 5 / month 500 / month
Additional Custom Merges n/a $0.50 / merge $0.40 / merge $0.10 / merge

*Organizations on the Individual plan can create custom documents that display a Cognito Forms watermark. Upgrading to a Pro, Team, or Enterprise plan will remove this watermark.

Your organization will be invoiced for any additional merges for the current month on next month's invoice. A merge is when a document is generated for an entry using a custom document template. Each entry/custom template combination counts as one merge, even when documents are generated multiple times. You can keep track of your merge usage on your organization's settings page under the Plan section.

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