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Viewing incomplete entries

The Save & Resume feature allows your users to save their incomplete form submission and finish their entry at a later time. Entries that have been saved, but have not yet been finalized or submitted, will appear with a status of Incomplete on the Entries page. Once the user submits their entry, the status will change to Submitted. You can also change entries back to Incomplete; however, you will need to resubmit the entry before you can change the entry status back from Incomplete again.

By default, you will see all entries on your entries page, regardless of status. To only view entries with a status of Incomplete:

  • Go to the Entries page for your form.
  • Open the Filter menu. Select Incomplete as the entry status, and then click Apply.

  • Once the view has been filtered to display Incomplete entries, you can click on them to view, edit, and submit the information that has been entered so far.
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