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Working with submitted, pending, and complete entries

In order to keep track of which entries you have viewed and approved, an entry can have a status of Submitted, Reviewed, Complete, or Incomplete. Before submission, all entries have a status of Incomplete. After submission, they will appear on the Entries page with a status of Submitted, and will automatically change to Reviewed status after being viewed. Once you are finished reviewing an entry, you can set the status as Complete. To change the status of an entry, use the status column to the far right and select a new status from the drop down box.

Note: Entries will only appear on the Entries page as Incomplete if they are saved via Save & Resume, but not yet submitted.

Filtering based on Status

You can filter your entries based on their status. The filter list can be found in the top left hand side of your Entries page, underneath the search functions.



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