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Adding a support user

Adding a support user allows a member of the Cognito Support Team to join your organization and more closely investigate any issues you are experiencing with your forms. The support user is free of charge and does not count toward your user limit.

To add a support user:

  1. Select your organization’s name in the top right and then click the settings icon to access your organization's settings.
  2. Select Support in the left-hand navigation, or scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.
  3. Select Add Support User.
  4. Set the permission level for the support user. It is recommended that you select the Administrator level to give the support user access to your forms. Next, click Add.
  5. The support user should now appear in the support section. When the support team is finished resolving your issue, feel free to click the trash can icon and delete the support user from your organization.

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