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Creating documents

This feature is currently available to members of our private Beta. This will be a paid add-on feature available to organization on our Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans.

Welcome, Beta users! With Document Merging, you have the ability to merge your entries with your own custom Word documents, and export them as Word documents or PDF files. You also have the option to include these documents in form confirmations and notification/confirmation emails.

1. Managing templates

2. Customizing documents

2.1 Merge syntax

2.2 Text styling

3. Merging entries

Managing templates

  • To begin, go to the Submission Settings section in your form builder, and check the Documents box under the "Include?" option.

  • Click the blank box to open the template drop-down list. From here, you can select a template to provide users with a copy of their entry on the confirmation page.

  • You can also access this list from your notification and confirmation email settings. To edit this template and add more, select "Manage Templates".

  • Next, the Manage Document Templates menu will appear:

File Name

Specify the default file name. You can also insert field data, such as Name and and Entry Number.


Edit the description of your template as it appears on your template list.


Check each box to include certain fields and information that will be included in your document:

  • Entry details - Include entry fields.
    • Blank fields - Include fields with no responses.
    • Internal fields - Include fields that are for internal use.
    • Hidden fields - Include fields that display under certain conditions.
  • Form logo - Include your logo image.
  • Form title - Include the title of your form.
  • Document page numbers - Include a number at the end of each page.
  • Payment details - Include the receipt for a form with payment fields.

Customizing documents

  • To further customize your document, select the Customize field at the bottom of your template manager.

  • In the dialog that appears, select Download to download a Word document containing your template (set by default based on the fields and information you included).

  • In Word, your form's field names will appear as plain text, with field tokens next to them in brackets. You can adjust field names, move fields around, change font size/type/color, and much more.

  • Next, you can select the output format - either Pdf file, or Word document. If your document contains a custom font, make sure to upload the font file as well. To upload a different document, simply select the trash icon to delete the existing one.


Merge syntax

You can use Cognito calculation syntax when composing merge documents.

  • When referencing fields from a repeating section, use the "each" syntax. For example, if your repeating section is named People, and you have a field in the section called Name, you can reference the Name field like so:

{ each People }
Name: { Name }
{end each}

The each syntax also allows you to do things like sort multiple items in a repeating section.

  • When working with document page numbers, use Alt+F9 to view/edit the field tokens. You can move page numbers out of the bottom footer to the top footer, or anywhere else on your form:


Text styling

When editing the text in your document (ex: font type, size, color), you can use the Styles tab in Word to easily edit the attributes of every text type at the same time.

  • First, find the Styles section in the top of your Word document, and click the small arrow in the bottom right hand corner.

  • Next, the Styles menu will appear:

  • As you select text in your document, you'll see how each style type corresponds to the text on your form:
Form Title Heading 2
Repeating Section Title Heading 3
Section Title Heading 4
Field Label Label
Field Text Normal
Order Total Total


  • Let's say you want to change the font type of the section headings on your form. To do this, select Heading 4 and click the down arrow to open the drop down menu. Choose "Modify" from the list.

  • Now, from the Modify Styles menu, you can edit the properties and formatting of Heading 4. Click OK to save your changes to each section title.

Merging entries

  • To merge individual entries with your templates, go to the Entries page and select an entry to expand its details. Then, find the Create Document option at the top of the entry.

  • Select which template you want to use from the drop-down list. You can also manage templates from the "Manage Templates" link.

  • Finally, after selecting your template, you can open/save your new custom document:

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