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Managing entriesCreating your form and sharing it with your customers is just step one – what happens to all that data after it gets submitted? In Cognito Forms, you can easily sort through and filter down your entries to create customized data sets, save those data sets as unique entry views, and perform multiple tasks at once to build complex business workflows. 

  1. Entry management
  2. Saved entry views

Entry management

To view your form's entry data, click the corresponding Entries link on the forms home page, or open your form builder and click the Entries tab.

Number of entries listed on home page.

All entries will be shown on your first visit to the page. The newest entry appears at the top of the list, and the remaining entries display in decreasing order. The date of the submission will be displayed along with the entry status.

All entries view.

You can click on an entry to collapse down the list to the left, and the selected form will open up to the right. You must open up an individual entry in order to view fields inside of repeating sections, or to download any documents uploaded with the form.

Entry details

Saved entry views

This feature is available to organizations our Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans.

Once you make a change to the current entry view (like displaying different columns, sorting through entries, or filtering entries down), you can click the save icon (Save Icon) to save those settings as a unique entry view. Create up to 16 different entry views per form and then toggle between each view as needed.

Creating an entry view.

Click the gear icon on the left hand side of the Entries menu to open your view settings:

  • Make Default - Set the current view as the default view on the Entries page.
  • Rename - Rename the view.
  • Copy This View - Make a copy of the view.
  • Delete This View - Delete the view.
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