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Payment FAQ

Can I collect sales tax on my Cognito Forms?

Sales tax is not automatically collected with payments on your Cognito Form. However, if your local sales tax is a flat percentage of the total purchase, you can use the “Additional Fees” option to collect that amount.

Do you support recurring billing?

Currently, Cognito Forms does not support recurring or repeating payments. However, this is an option we are looking at for a future release. You can track the progress of this on our Idea Board.

Do you support payments by check?

At this time we don’t support check or ACH transactions. However, this is an option we are considering for a future release. You can track the process of this on our Idea Board.

How much does it cost to collect payment?

With PayPal and Square, we do not charge any additional fees for payment. With Stripe, all transactions through Cognito Forms for organizations on the Individual or Pro plans will be charged 1% of the payment amount, plus any applicable Stripe fees. These fees can be passed on to your users or taken out of the payments you receive if you collect money in the same currency as your Stripe account. The 1% fee can be bypassed by signing up for our Team or Enterprise plan.

What happens if there is a dispute?

Disputed transactions are handled outside of Cognito Forms. Refer to PayPal,  Stripe, and Square's documentation for further information.

When do I receive my money?

To learn more about your deposit schedule, please refer to PayPal, Stripe, and Square's help documentation.

Can I connect more than one PayPal/Stripe/Square account to my Cognito Forms?

Each Cognito Form can only have one account enabled at a time, but you can have a different account for different forms. Each of your connected accounts will appear under each form’s “Payment Accounts”. Check the box next to the desired account you’d like to associate with that particular form.

Can I use Cognito Forms for customers who want to pay in person or pay later?

Yes! Cognito Forms supports this in two ways. First, you can create a payment form that allows customers to pay later under conditions you create (read our help topic for more info). Second, you can also manually create a new entry at any time from your Entries menu. In both situations, this will create an Unpaid entry. You can then make a manual payment on this entry via cash or credit card, without ever leaving Cognito Forms. Click here for more information on managing payment entries.

Do I need an SSL certificate on my website to collect payment?

All content (including payment data) processed from Cognito Forms is done so over a secure SSL connection, so you are not required to embed a payment form within an SSL secured page. However, as an additional layer of security for you and your customers, it is highly recommended. This also helps ensure that your user won't receive any type of warning when trying to load SSL secured data from a non-secured page.

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