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Publishing a form

From the Publish page of your form builder, you can share your form in three different ways:

Embed in your site

The best way is to publish your form is to copy one of the provided Embed codes and paste it into your own website's code. This will embed the form into your website so that users will not have to navigate away from your website in order to fill out the form. An embedded form allows you to have a form that looks like it belongs on your website.‚Äč

There are two options for embedding: Seamless and Iframe. The Iframe option is available to provide better compatibility with websites that may have scripting or CSS issues with Cognito Forms. We also recommend using the Iframe option when you want to embed multiple forms onto a single webpage.

Please note: while you can easily embed your form onto a webpage, embedding a form into an email is not advised, as most email inboxes do not support Iframes or Javascript. In this case, we recommend simply adding a link to your public/embedded form.

Share a link

Another way to publish a form is by providing users a link to the form. This link can be added as a hyperlink in your website or in an email. The link will send the user to a simple page that contains your form for them to fill out. 

Share on social media

You can also publish your form by clicking one of the Social Media buttons. Once you select a social media site, a post will be created containing a link to your form.


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