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Rating Scale

A Rating Scale is a matrix of choices or a Likert scale used to allow users to rank statements or questions on their form.


The label will display as the title of the field or the question that is being asked on the form. You can select the icon on the right to hide the label on the form.


The questions entered here are the what the user will be rating on your form. Add additional questions by clicking the “+” icon or delete existing questions by clicking the corresponding trashcan icon. Add as many questions as needed.

Every question in a rating scale has an internal numerical value based on the number of rating options; for example, on a Good/Poor rating scale, Very Poor has a value of 1, while Very Good has a value of 5. You can reference these values in calculations to perform various functions, such as adding the up the rating of each question:

=RatingScale.Question1_Rating + RatingScale.Question2_Rating + RatingScale.Question3_Rating


Choose from predefined scales with the option to add a custom scale of your choice.

  • Satisfied/Unsatisfied
  • Agree/Disagree
  • Will/Won’t
  • Good/Poor
  • Scale of 1 to 5
  • Custom

Allow N/A

Select this option to add a N/A (Not Applicable or Not Available) answer to your scale. The label of N/A can be changed in the text box under the checkbox.

Help Text

Help text can be used to assist the user by providing additional instructions. Help text will display directly under the field.

Default Value

The default value is the choice that is automatically selected on your form. The user can then choose to change the field's value before submitting the form.

Show This Field

By default, fields will always display on the form. However, you may want to hide specific fields or sections based on certain conditions such as a selected value of another field on the form.

  • Always - Field is always shown.
  • When - Field will only display when specific conditions are met. After selecting this option, the Conditional Logic Builder dialog will display allowing you to select when the field or section should be displayed.
  • Internally - Field will not display on the public form and will only display when a Cognito Forms user is editing the form from the Entries page.
  • Never - Field will never display.

Require This Field

Requiring a field will make sure the user provides a response to all of the Questions within this field. When a field is required, an error message will display, and the form cannot be submitted until a value has been added to the field. Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk next to the label. By default, fields are never required.

  • Always - Field is always required. User must provide a response in order to submit the form.
  • When - Field is required only when specific conditions are met. After selecting this option, the Conditional Logic Builder dialog will display allowing you to select when the field is required.
  • Never - Field is not required. This is the default behavior.

Custom Error

You can set a custom error message that will display under your field when specified conditions become true. The conditional logic builder will allow you to add any number of rules for validating your field. Learn more about the custom error option.

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