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You can embed your form into your Yola website using the Seamless embed code:

1. Log in to your Yola account, open your site editor, and navigate to the page where you want to embed your form. Then, select HTML from the Widgets menu:

2. In Cognito Forms, open your form builder and navigate to the Publish page. Then, copy your form's Seamless embed code from the Publish Code tab.

Hint: In addition to altering the appearance of your form, you can also use the Style Editor to hide your form's title/header when embedded.

3. In Yola, open your HTML widget and paste your form's Seamless embed code. Note: to center your embedded form, you can add a short bit of code to your CSS, or directly in your HTML widget as a style block.

4. Make sure to save and publish your changes. Your form will now be embedded onto your webpage!

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